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Updated: Sat Jul 13 1AM CST

1. Barstool Bingo
2. Paydirt
3. Double Down
4. Decision Time
5. Weekly Special
6. Top Dog
7. Tier Lord
8. Pennant Play
9. Squid League
10. Blessed and Cursed
11. Scary Sight
12. Unsung Hero

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12 UNIQUE Fantasy Modes

· Find Your Favorite.
· Draft A Team.
· Reign In Your League.

At its heart, fantasy football is a game within a game. Sir Football takes that ideal to the extreme! Play in fantasy leagues with scoring formats and stat modifiers never seen before. Don't miss out!
Read More: 10 Giant Reasons to Play · Game Chest · About Sir Football · FAQ Beginners Guide to Fantasy Football · Take the Tour · For Fantasy Diehards

Recent News & Announcements:

Updated: Sat Jun 1 3pm CST
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  • All leagues now open for pre-draft signup
  • Drafts start July 30, 2024 at 7am CST
  • Launched a new Community page
  • ADP Standard/PPR rankings updated July 8

The site is live now! Play Sir Football exclusively on desktop. Stay tuned for updates on iOS and Android app progress.

With the season not started yet, Take the Tour to become familiar with the Sir Football brand of fantasy football. If you're looking for more information on our game modes, check out the Game Chest. Hang in there - the fun will start soon.

We'll be at the Fantasy Football Expo (booth #28) on August 10-11 to spread the word about Sir Football and enjoy all things fantasy football!

In The Community:

Sir Football is creating a buzz. We've visited with the experts. (Community Page)

Exclusive Fantasy Football Features:

What does Sir Football offer that I cannot find somewhere else? Glad you asked ...

True Serpentine Draft Interface
Play vs Human & AI Teams

Draft Prep Based on Top 40 Overall
Pick Up and Play (Claim a Team)

Unique Mechanic to Stream Players
Computer Manages Ghost Teams

Color-Coded Roster Management
Unique Games with no Deposit

Innovative Scoring Variants
Over 100 Achievement Crowns
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Which Game Mode is FIRE?

Find Your Perfect Match ... Or Two ... Or Three ...

fire icon Your and your opponent's fantasy points are scored on 25-square Bingo cards!
fire icon Carefully cast the right spell each week to boost your fantasy team!
fire icon Correctly predict winning NFL teams to add points to your fantasy football total!
fire icon Select which of your starters will have his fantasy points doubled each week!
fire icon Play traditional head-to-head fantasy football and keep it old school!
fire icon Only touchdowns, field goals, two-point conversions, etc. will help your team!
fire icon Use a different power-up Pennant each week to buff your team or hurt your opponent!
fire icon The three lowest-scoring starters on your fantasy team all have their points tripled!
fire icon Stockpile survival points and then try to survive elimination starting NFL Week 7!
fire icon Set your fantasy starters and then rank them in tiers to alter your score!
fire icon The top-scoring fantasy player on your team must be better than your opponent's!
fire icon Your team is awarded a bonus based on the highest scoring player on your bench!
fire icon Each NFL Week brings with it a different scoring variant you must consider!

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Regardless of which game you like best, Sir Football will keep you entertained. We provide a fun-loving, gambling-free gaming environment that sets us apart.

The fantasy renaissance starts in 2024 and we hope you will join us. Have a safe and happy football season!

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