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Sir Lancelot: Tier Lord
Sir Lancelot
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Rank your own team in tiers!  Using Tiers S and A-D!

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Sir Football starting roster

Now rank your fantasy starters in tiers
Tier Lord tier setup

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How It Works

With the rise of the Internet and the popularity of content creators growing, the phenomenon of rankings entities into tiers using a colored tier list is now a popular way to make categorizations based on opinion or fact, then sharing the results with the rest of the world. The tier rankings start with the supreme S tier and then the other ranks are identified using the letters A-F (for this game, we'll use A-D). Read here if you are unfamiliar with the tier ranking craze.

Each week, all of your starting roster slots (QB1, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE1, FLEX, K1 and DFST1) are randomly associated with various tier rankings, which you can then adjust based on the players you have in your starting slots and how well you think they'll perform. The effect of each ranking tier is described below:

Each roster slot must be assigned to a single tier ranking at all times. The S tier can only have one roster slot assigned to it while all others must have two assigned to them. Specifically, there are 9 total rankings assignments for the 9 total starting slots. Setting up your tier rankings looks like this:

So which players on your roster do you really believe in? Check player matchups, shoot from the hip and hope for the best!

NOTE: Tier rankings do not carry over from week to week and reset randomly at the start of each fantasy week. The deadline for setting tier ranking is the start of the first NFL game of the week (usually Thursday night). Once the deadline passes, all tier rankings are locked and you can see your opponent's tier rankings (and vice vera).

Lancelot Cup

Championship Prize:

The Lancelot Cup

Regal and breathtaking, the Lancelot Cup will go to deserving owners who persevere over the course of a long fantasy season. Named after the legendary Sir Lancelot, this award features eye-catching rubies and an exquisite golden finish. This award is for owners who have mastered their roster and tier rankings, a feat that can turn a common knight into a royal leader.

This is a fitting prize for what many consider to be the most daring of all Sir Football game modes. It's certainly the one that requires the most adaptation, as fantasy owners need to consider their roster carefully and hit on a high number of their tier rankings to consistently topple their opponents. A Lancelot winner must act with bravery and instinct while maximizing all fantasy football knowledge available to them.

knight with colored blocks

Why Play Tier Lord:


League Rules
Read the rules specific to this game mode.

League Size: 12 teams

Scoring Mode: Standard or Points Per Reception (PPR). Standard is the default.

League Structure:

Robo League Rules:


Draft Rules:

Roster Positions: 9 starters, 15 total

Additional Notes on Rosters:

Roster locks:


Deferred Replacement:

Scoring, Rounding and Tiebreakers:

number crunch

League Scoring
Read scoring rules applicable to this game mode.

Scoring (game mode modifiers may also apply):

All fantasy point totals, averages, caliber and ranks shown in Sir Football are based on half-PPR scoring.

Scoring for Offensive Skill Players
Passing Yards +1 point for every 25 yards
Passing TDs +4 points
Passing Interceptions Thrown -1 point
Reception (PPR Leagues Only) +1 point each
Rushing/Receiving Yards +1 point for every 10 yards
Rushing/Receiving TDs +6 points
Fumbles Lost to Opponent -2 points
Passing/Rushing/Receiving 2 Point Conversions +2 points
Scoring for Kickers
Field Goal Made (0-49 yards) +3 points
Field Goal Made (50+ yards) +5 points
Extra Point Made +1 point
Scoring for Defense and Special Teams
Fumble Recoveries (from opponent) +2 points
Interceptions +2 points
Sacks +1 point
Safeties +2 points
Defensive and Special Teams TDs +6 points
Total Points Allowed Formula: 12 - (Points Allowed * 0.5)