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For Fantasy Diehards

Be a part of fantasy football's next era!

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're already playing in multiple fantasy leagues and maybe running some of them. You're also likely creating or consuming fantasy content by the truckload for months on end. Thank you for taking a moment from your frenetic schedule to learn about Sir Football.

In 2024, we'll be hosting public leagues only. This is a win-win situation. It gives you time to decide if you'll form a private league on Sir Football in the coming years. At the same time, we need feedback from you and other users to ensure we're filling the role in the fantasy football world that we envisioned.

With that explained, let's discuss other reservations you may have about Sir Football.

I'd like to be a commissioner and run a private league right now.

That's great to hear! In 2025 we intend to get there. A big thing holding us back is that our commissioner tools have not been built yet. We first need to fully understand your needs and make sure we have a great plan to provide top-notch private league support. It's going to be a great learning opportunity for us in 2024.

I don't want to go it alone. I want to play in a league with my fantasy BFF's.

We have a refer a friend feature to help with this. Once you join a league, you'll see a code that you can provide to your friends to join. As long as the league isn't full, they can come on board and compete in your league.

I've got a crazy summer and won't have time to draft.

With Sir Football, you can claim a Robo team (computer controlled team) during the NFL regular season through NFL Week 15. Feel free to come aboard on a trial basis to see what Sir Football is all about.

I'm in a ton of leagues and won't have time to manage my teams here for the whole season.

We have a feature to put your team on Robo pilot (autopilot) and let the computer control your team for any weeks where you won't be able to manage it. This will allow you to draft teams on Sir Football and retain them without feeling overcommitted as a fantasy player.

You don't have sports betting, props or DFS.

Our ambition is to provide innovation and gaming elements to fantasy football league play. We emphasize in-season immersion and roster management. The sports gambling aspects, while also entertaining, don't match the value we wish to provide. We hope you'll still consider Sir Football as a complimentary way to experience fantasy football.

I want to play on mobile.

We aim to have pilot versions of iOS and Android apps as the year continues. These apps will allow you to view your teams and check in on their progress. In 2025 and beyond, we plan to flesh out our mobile support and provide a great playing experience in the mobile app world.

I like what you have here, but I'm not feeling some of these exotic scoring rules.

We provide a game mode named Garden Variety with basic Standard and PPR rules and nothing else. We love creative and experimental game modes, but also realize that tradition is important and sometimes mandatory in fantasy football.

These game modes seem like a novelty and my approach to fantasy is more serious.

Don't let our playful exterior fool you. Several of our games modes elevate the strategic floor of fantasy football. Blessed & Cursed adds a new risk/reward element to your weekly decisions. Double Down requires timing and nuance to maximize the points you can earn. With Unsung Hero, the players occupying your bench become more relevant. And so on with our other game modes. Once you and your fantasy comrades take in the game rules, you'll likely find that the dedication required for Sir Football has the potential to be higher than anything you've seen before.

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