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12 Exclusive Game Modes

Superb Fantasy League Action

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In Barstool Bingo, your objective is to fill as many squares as possible on your fantasy bingo card. Each square contains a statistical objective that your fantasy starters will need to achieve. You'll go head to head versus an opponent in your league who has their own card.

Can you cover more squares than your rival?

Choose one of three spells each week that will both help and hurt your fantasy team. Blessed & Cursed is inspired by fantasy role playing games and the magic therein. Weigh the spell tradeoffs that you think will work best for your starting roster.

Can you master the might of magic to succeed?

If you love NFL Pick'em leagues but still need your fantasy football fix, then Decision Time is the solution. Each week, in addition to setting your fantasy football roster, you'll also pick the winners (straight up, no spread) of each NFL game. Your success is determined by both your fantasy football score and the percentage of NFL games you've guessed right.

Are you ready to be a premier decision-maker?

Got a great feeling that one of your players will breakout this coming week? Use the Star tool to Double Down on him and watch eagerly as his fantasy points for this week will count double! The action heightens as the NFL games start and you discover the Double Down player that your foe selected.

Will your player hunches pay off?

Do you want to keep it simple and have a no-frills fantasy football experience? Try Garden Variety, our regular format. Join a Standard or PPR (points-per-reception) league to take part in the action.

Gonna win the old-fashioned way?

Paydirt is not for the feint of heart. The ball must go into the endzone or clear the goalposts to get fantasy points. There are no fantasy points for yardage of any kind, so pray to the fantasy gods and stay wary of the vultures!

Will your player be the one celebrating in the endzone?

Loosely inspired by NCAA football games of the 2000's, Pennant Play provides a similar ability to choose a pennant to play each week that will help your team or derail your opponent. Every team in the fantasy league has the same distribution of pennants, but it's up to fantasy owners to decide when to play the most powerful pennants.

Will your pennant selection be a deciding factor?

Subpar fantasy football performances by your starters got you down? See their point totals tripled as they turn into a Scary Sight! Try to build a deep fantasy team so that your lower scoring starters can dominate your competitor's in a new strategic way to win.

Will your depth scare the competition away?

Stockpile all the points you can for the first 6 weeks. Starting week 7 in Squid League, the lowest scoring team of the week is eliminated from the league! This cycle continues until only one team is left standing at the end of week 17. Also grab the players from other eliminated teams to try to ensure your survival!

Can your team dodge the axe and stand alone at the end?

With Tier Lord, you'll first need to set your starting lineup like usual. Then the fun begins! You now need to rank your fantasy starters using the popular Internet tier system. Designate your S-tier starter and he'll earn double fantasy points for the week! But your low tier players will only receive a fraction of their fantasy totals. Partake in one of Sir Football's most extreme scoring modes - if you dare!

So now ... which fantasy starters do you really trust?

Will one of your players stand tall and allow your team to triumph as the Top Dog? In this game mode, only the highest scoring player on your team counts and is compared to the opponent's counterpart. Whichever player scored the most leads their team to victory. Kicker and Defensive points are boosted a little to help their changes to be among the top scorers.

Did you draft a legit superstar?

Longtime fantasy owners know how annoying it is when a fringe player on your bench has an unexpected career day and you don't get any of the points. Welcome to Unsung Hero, where you will now receive 2/3 of the points for the top point scorer on your bench. Owners in this league are sure to pay more attention to their bench for some extra points that may be needed to prevail.

Does your bench have the best upside?

With Weekly Special, every single week has a new twist. Each NFL week is associated with a different bonus effect. Make sure to know it's benefits before NFL games begin. It'll influence your starting lineup decisions and can make a difference in a close head-to-head matchup.

Can you manage the bonus effects optimally?

Free Mini-Games

Sweet Spot Build a DFS-style micro lineup consisting of a QB, RB, WR and TE. Your objective is build a team that will try to hit a specific fantasy point target. Come close to the target or hit it exactly and become the community leader. More Info

sword icon Answer 9 questions about the upcoming NFL week and attempt to predict what will happen. Your answers will be pitted against those selected by others in the community. Earn sword points for your correct answers. More Info