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10 Giant Reasons to Play


We Make It FUN

reasons character Every NFL season is a journey full of shocking performances, unexpected injuries, head-scratching busts and out-of-nowhere stories that make your head spin. But sadly, the game of fantasy football has not evolved with the dynamic nature of the modern NFL.

This is where Sir Football comes in. It's a fantasy platform built from the ground up to maximize immersion and entertainment. We've incorporated new gaming aspects into fantasy football to ratchet up the fun. We welcome you to step in and enjoy the lights, sounds and novelty. Sir Football is designed to be the fantasy football arcade you and your friends never knew you could have!


Innovative Game Modes & Scoring

reasons character Sir Football is a brand new status quo for fantasy football owners. Fantasy football has been removed from its usual comfort zone. Drawing inspiration from games such as blackjack, bingo and fantasy role playing, Sir Football adds an extra layer of interaction to enjoy. Each game mode has unique entertainment value. Some offer a straight-forward scoring twist, while others are very ambitious and will revolutionize head-to-head scoring! Check out our Game Chest for a breakdown of each game mode.


Streamlined Draft Interface

reasons character Have you ever messed up multiple picks and experienced a bad draft because the interface you used made it difficult to make timely selections? Or you lost track of the draft timer because you were lost in a series of windows or tabs?

Sir Football comes to the rescue with streamlined draft controls that make drafting straight-forward. Our one-of-a-kind interface flows with the serpentine draft format so you're always clear about the direction of the current round and how close you are to your pick. There are absolutely no ads or windows or popups to take you away from the draft action.

We know that a seasoned draft guru often has their own cheat sheets and sources. We're not going to waste space or time providing more. We'll let you react on the fly and execute your picks swiftly. On top of that, our pre-draft tools allow you to rank your players and adjust specific settings in the event of an unexpected absence, distraction or disconnection. We also emphasize the Top 40 overall players, knowing that maximizing value in the first three rounds of the draft is vital to your success.

Once you've logged in, try a Mock Draft (available from the Locker Room) to get a feel for the Sir Football draft controls.


Efficient Roster Management

reasons character We use a color spectrum of players by their position to make it easier to see the positional depth on your roster. It comes in handy when you're navigating bye weeks and injuries. Roster moves are performed using drop-down selection. When you acquire a player via waivers, that player acquisition is tied to a specific roster slot, not your roster as a whole.

You'll soon find that the roster management is designed to limit your mistakes. You won't see invalid rosters that are a pain to fix. While not perfect, you'll generally have less roster-related goofs on Sir Football.

Streaming players, and setting up your roster in advance for the following week, is easy in Sir Football thanks to our exclusive Deferred Replacement mechanic. It will allow you to designate a starter that will be dropped/waived after the NFL week ends, with a player replacement put on hold to join your team for the following week. Owners that plan ahead and study gain an extra edge. That is surely a good thing!


Try It Out Hassle-Free

reasons character Moving away from your current fantasy football provider is like firing a coach. You want to make sure the new guy has the "it" factor and can actually deliver! Sir Football doesn't expect to earn that trust overnight. You'll need time to evaluate what we provide.

To make that happen, Sir Football has Robo Leagues that let you try things out before you and your friends (like that organization hiring a new coach) make the big move. You can join a Robo League from the start and draft your team. Or you can claim a spot midway through the NFL regular season.

Our intent is to add private leagues for the 2025 season. We encourage you to explore the game modes at your leisure to see if there's a good fit for your long-standing private league. Then you'll be ready to make the move in 2025 or beyond.


Crowns Mini-Game

reasons character No matter which game mode you play, you'll enjoy earning Crowns. They're cosmetic Easter Eggs based on things that occur while you play Sir Football. These crowns are kept secret until they are shared on social media or Discord after users unlock them!

Crowns can be ironic, fluky or very rewarding. All in all, they create an additional sense of engagement with the game. They energize the community and create culture among Sir Football owners. When your fantasy team earns a rare Crown, it's something you'll want to share with others!

To learn more about them, visit our Crowns FAQ.


We're 100% Fantasy Football

reasons character Football is embedded in our name for a reason, and Sir Football is dedicated to fun-loving fantasy pigskin. Our laser focus allows us to enhance our product year after year. We won't spread ourselves thin on other sports. Bo Jackson is evidence that it's truly rare to excel at multiple sports. We're going for a Hall of Fame trek in football only. Our promise is to provide a streamlined and consolidated experience, acting upon customer feedback so there are new things to look forward to every year.


We Won't Track You. Privacy is #1

reasons character When you play a game, you want a retreat from reality and want to be left alone.

Sir Football was developed independently from the ground up. We have no desire to harvest your data. We do not directly track user information or use cookies. You'll be anonymous when playing in Robo Leagues and others won't even see your username. We're an entertainment provider that values your privacy.


No Spam or Floating Ads

reasons character Email can be a nuisance. It's an ineffective way for you to consume information about Sir Football and interact with our content. We'd much rather have you focused on our site or Discord server. We won't ever send you spam or marketing emails. You'll only need to check your email inbox when you signup or reset your password.

Some advertisements are present on our site to help with business costs. Occasionally, they might even offer a product that could be of interest to you. That being said, our advertisements are placed in a manner that hopefully will not disrupt your fantasy football experience. Full-page ads, modal window ads and content-covering floating ads are a deal-breaker when you are trying to play a game! You won't see those manner of ads on Sir Football.


Ghost Teams Can Compete

reasons character For commissioners, it's a decades-old tale in fantasy football: you have a full slate of owners to participate in the draft and manage their teams and all is well. But then reality eventually kicks in. You lose members due to attrition, lack of commitment or real-world challenges. One or more teams in your league is unmanaged and becomes a black hole of injured players or bye-week players in starting slots. Unmanaged teams get trounced on a weekly basis and owners get bored with these matchups.

In Sir Football, unowned teams are designated as Robo Teams that are managed by the computer. This provides great benefit. You don't have to stress about a league "filling up" before draft time. Drafts will kick off no matter what. As the season continues, more human owners can join on to ramp up the competition.

We'll also be monitoring human-owned teams. If a user has not logged in and checked in on their teams for 21 days or longer, those teams will revert to Robo Teams. This is a necessary measure to keep Robo Leagues competitive.