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Sir Football: Tour

The screenshots and information below pinpoint what Sir Football has to offer. In this tour, we'll claim a team, personalize it, setup our roster and view the game results. At the end is a sneak preview of the custom presentation that Sir Football uses for the playoffs.

After you've logged in, you can find a league. From your Locker Room, you'll see a link to Join a Robo League. Click it to get started.

This will take you to the League Finder page. There are many game modes shown here. For our tour, we'll play the Double Down game mode. Click the League(s) Available link to proceed.

Next we'll see a list of Double Down leagues that currently have openings. We'll click the Claim Robo Team link next to Cador TEST2 to play in a PPR league.

This takes us to a modal window where we'll confirm that we wish to join this league and claim our new team. Click the Claim Robo Team button to continue.

We now see our team home page, including our roster. We're taking over the Boise Spuds, who are currently 6-2. Let's get started by personalizing the team to our liking. We'll click the Change Team Avatar link on the right side of the page.

There are many different avatars available for us to choose from. They are organized into groups. Let's try the Animal Mascots group.

Next, we'll choose the beaver mascot on the right side. Clicking on an avatar image will automatically replace our existing avatar with the one that was clicked.

Now that we have our new avatar, we'll click the Rename Team link from the Team Settings section. That brings up a modal window where we'll enter our new team name fields and click Save.

We'll next take a look at the League Standings, available from the League Home page. Our Beavers are currently in 2nd place in the Topaz Division, behind the Jackrabbits who have a better point differential.

Now let's get back to the important business of managing our fantasy roster. It's currently NFL Week 9 and we have a lot of moves to make because of the bye week. Let's drop the Vikings defense to help make some room. Inside the Roster Actions drop down we'll find the option to drop them.

Use the modal window and confirm the action by clicking the Drop button.

Next we'll click the INJ icon next to review David Montgomery's information. He won't play this week and we'll also need to monitor his progress in the coming weeks.

Now we'll add RB Gus Edwards to help with our RB depth. He'll take the spot opened by the Vikings defense.

With Edwards added to the bench, we'll now swap RB Travis Etienne Jr with Edwards because of the Jaguars bye week.

We've also made some additional roster moves and added free agent K Cameron Dicker. With the starting lineup now in good shape, we now need to decide our Double Down player for this week. We can't use QB Tua Tagovailoa because he was used in the last two weeks (lock indicator). Let's go with WR Chris Olave, who has a favorable matchup vs the Bears. We've clicked on the star to turn it gold, marking him as our Double Down recipient.

Now we'll look at this week's matchup vs the Talons (a Robo Team). This isn't necessarily the Talons' final roster and they might make some moves soon. Still, it seems like we should have a solid chance to win.

While we're waiting for the NFL week to kickoff on Thursday night, let's also make our Side Quests selections from the Locker Room page. It's a prediction mini-game that will provide a little added entertainment for this weekend.

It's now late Sunday afternoon and we are anticipating the Sunday night contest between the Bills and Bengals. A lot of our fantasy players have already accrued points and we have a nice lead in our fantasy matchup vs the Talons. We'll click on the VS matchup panel on the right side to take a closer look.

The lead over the Talons is a sizable one and we're on track for victory. It would take a phenomenal performance from Joe Burrow to beat us. Let's take a closer look at our player performances and see how we earned our fantasy points by clicking the Show Details link next to our team.

The acquisition of Edwards paid off in a big way as he has 2 TD's. Our Double Down selection of Olave also was a good one since he posted solid numbers and scored a TD. His 16.60 fantasy points are added to our team total twice giving the team a nice boost.

It's now Tuesday and our Beavers have won! Let's go to the Locker Room page and see how we did on our Side Quests. User and Team Memos are used to report important highlights as they occur. We can use the Clear button to remove the memo once we've read it.

Now we'll fast-forward to NFL Week 15 of the season. It's the fantasy playoffs and we can see the Playoff Bracket from the League Home page. The Beavers managed to sneak into the playoffs as a wildcard with the 6th seed.

But our championship run was not meant to be and we were eliminated. If we'd made the championship, we'd be one of these two teams playing for the Cador Cup, the trophy awarded for winning a Double Down league. Maybe next year!

That concludes our tour. If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ page, Subreddit or Discord server. Thank you for taking the time to review Sir Football.