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Sir Safir: Unsung Hero
Sir Safir
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How It's Scored

Did you make a sit/start decision you regret? Did a random guy on your bench have an unexpected career day? Have no fear, Unsung Hero has you covered!

The highest scoring player on your bench pitches in to help the starters! 2/3 of his fantasy points are added to your team's total fantasy score. The reason for only partially rewarding the most outstanding bench player is to retain value for fantasy owners who did pick an optimal starting lineup - something that is not easily done in fantasy football!

In this mode, choosing your bench is somewhat more important. You still should have good backups due to injury and bye week. But also keep in mind that you'd like to have a few players on your bench who will play that week and have some upside to help pitch in fantasy points. With only 6 bench slots available in Sir Football, roster decisions won't be easy!

Safir Cup

Championship Prize:

The Safir Cup

More than just a standard golden trophy with a cool insignia, the Safir Cup also comes with a special superhero poster you can hang on your bedroom wall! This mighty award is named after Sir Safir, a young valiant warrior according to the lore.

If you covet the trophy - or the poster - your best bet is pay close attention to your bench and try to have a few reserve players with high scoring potential. Having a player on your bench who goes over 100 yards and scores a touchdown could make the difference in an otherwise close fantasy matchup.

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Why Play Unsung Hero:


League Rules
Read the rules specific to this game mode.

League Size: 12 teams

Scoring Mode: Standard or Points Per Reception (PPR). Standard is the default.

League Structure:

Robo League Rules:


Draft Rules:

Roster Positions: 9 starters, 15 total

Additional Notes on Rosters:

Roster locks:


Deferred Replacement:

Scoring, Rounding and Tiebreakers:

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League Scoring
Read scoring rules applicable to this game mode.

Scoring (game mode modifiers may also apply):

All fantasy point totals, averages, caliber and ranks shown in Sir Football are based on half-PPR scoring.

Scoring for Offensive Skill Players
Passing Yards +1 point for every 25 yards
Passing TDs +4 points
Passing Interceptions Thrown -1 point
Reception (PPR Leagues Only) +1 point each
Rushing/Receiving Yards +1 point for every 10 yards
Rushing/Receiving TDs +6 points
Fumbles Lost to Opponent -2 points
Passing/Rushing/Receiving 2 Point Conversions +2 points
Scoring for Kickers
Field Goal Made (0-49 yards) +3 points
Field Goal Made (50+ yards) +5 points
Extra Point Made +1 point
Scoring for Defense and Special Teams
Fumble Recoveries (from opponent) +2 points
Interceptions +2 points
Sacks +1 point
Safeties +2 points
Defensive and Special Teams TDs +6 points
Total Points Allowed Formula: 12 - (Points Allowed * 0.5)