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Sir Claudin: Decision Time
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Welcome to Decision Time, the (somewhat) holy marriage of fantasy football and NFL Pick'em.

Your objective is simple. Set up your standard fantasy roster (QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE, FLEX, K, DFST) and accrue points normally. Then pick the winners (straight up, no point spread) of each weekly NFL game. As the week begins and NFL games become final, your current Pick'em winning percentage will be multiplied by 100 and added to the fantasy score generated by your roster.

Compete head-to-head each week against other teams in your league using a mixture of fantasy and pick'em in a highly competitive format. Enjoy the consolidated experience of Decision Time and abandon the hassle of separate pick'em leagues.

How It's Scored

A quick example: let's presume your fantasy football roster scored 87.65 points this week. Meanwhile, 11 out of your 16 NFL pick'em selections were correct, thus 68.75% of the NFL teams you picked to win did so. In Decision Time, your total fantasy score that will be compared against your opponent's is: 156.40 (87.65 for fantasy + 68.75 for pick'em).

Additional Notes:

  • All fantasy totals and pick'em percentages are rounded to 2 decimal points prior to being added.
  • At the beginning of each week, random pick'em selections will already be made for you, which you can then customize based on who you think will win (this is done to prevent frequent zero scores for users who fail to enter their picks).
  • Robo Teams competing will also use completely random pick'em selections.
  • All pick'em predictions must be entered and will be locked once the first NFL game of the week (usually Thursday night) starts. After this, you'll be able to see the teams your opponent picked (and vice versa).
  • If an NFL game ends in a tie, it is scored as an incorrect pick regardless of which team was selected.

Claudin Cup

Championship Prize:

The Claudin Cup

The Claudin Cup will be awarded to all Decision Time league winners. This slender cup, named after Sir Claudin of the Round Table, is adorned with the beauty of the cosmos and the wondrous unknown of space and time. That is apropos given the difficulty of consistently selecting winning teams for a sport where "any given Sunday" seems to give even the worst teams a reasonable shot.

To win this beautiful prize, you'll need to trust your gut with your fantasy lineups and be clairvoyant with weekly pick-em selections. Your first guess may be your best guess - or maybe not! As the Beatles once told us: Tomorrow Never Knows!

Fortune Teller

Why Play Decision Time:

  • Enjoy Fantasy football and NFL Pick'Em action at the same time
  • You'll be interested in all games even if no fantasy players are involved
  • Teams with weaker rosters can still win with great Pick'Em selections
  • Play in a PPR league if you wish to see Pick'Em have a smaller effect on scores
  • When a player does poorly but his team wins, there can be a silver lining
  • Higher total scores are fun to see


League Rules
Read the rules specific to this game mode.

League Size: 12 teams

Scoring Mode: Standard or Points Per Reception (PPR). Standard is the default.

League Structure:

Robo League Rules:


Draft Rules:

Roster Positions: 9 starters, 15 total

Additional Notes on Rosters:

Roster locks:


Deferred Replacement:

Scoring, Rounding and Tiebreakers:

number crunch

League Scoring
Read scoring rules applicable to this game mode.

Scoring (game mode modifiers may also apply):

All fantasy point totals, averages, caliber and ranks shown in Sir Football are based on half-PPR scoring.

Scoring for Offensive Skill Players
Passing Yards +1 point for every 25 yards
Passing TDs +4 points
Passing Interceptions Thrown -1 point
Reception (PPR Leagues Only) +1 point each
Rushing/Receiving Yards +1 point for every 10 yards
Rushing/Receiving TDs +6 points
Fumbles Lost to Opponent -2 points
Passing/Rushing/Receiving 2 Point Conversions +2 points
Scoring for Kickers
Field Goal Made (0-49 yards) +3 points
Field Goal Made (50+ yards) +5 points
Extra Point Made +1 point
Scoring for Defense and Special Teams
Fumble Recoveries (from opponent) +2 points
Interceptions +2 points
Sacks +1 point
Safeties +2 points
Defensive and Special Teams TDs +6 points
Total Points Allowed Formula: 12 - (Points Allowed * 0.5)