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Sir Morholt: Paydirt
Sir Morholt
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Sir Football's scoring-only mode! Score points or score nothing!

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How It's Scored

The football must reach the endzone or split the uprights. No exceptions. If points don't go on the scoreboard, they won't go to your fantasy team.

Your fantasy stats will track very close to real life with the points posted on NFL scoreboards. Passing, rushing and receiving TD's all count 6 points. Two-point conversions earn 2 points. Kickers are awarded 1 point for extra points and 3 for any length FG. Defenses only receive points for safeties or defensive/special teams TD's.

No other game mode puts you more at the mercy of the football gods. Touchdown opportunities are often sporadic and elusive. It'll require a calm approach to prevail. Are you ready?

Morholt Cup

Championship Prize:

The Morholt Cup

Sir Morholt, Knight of the Round Table, is depicted in Sir Football as a lonesome desert rider, and his championship cup also bears that nature. The Morholt Cup features a rustic light brown finish and is adorned by a mural of a desert horeseman.

The symbolism is fitting, since in Paydirt game owners will often need to survive scoring and touchdown droughts, cobbling just enough points together to overcome their opponent. Having a kicker who will have consistent field goal and extra point production can be important when your other players' touchdown opportunities fall apart. Winners of the Morholt Cup will have to weather the lean times and persevere.

Football Horse Rider

Why Play Paydirt:


League Rules
Read the rules specific to this game mode.

League Size: 12 teams

Scoring Mode: Standard or Points Per Reception (PPR). Standard is the default.

League Structure:

Robo League Rules:


Draft Rules:

Roster Positions: 9 starters, 15 total

Additional Notes on Rosters:

Roster locks:


Deferred Replacement:

Scoring, Rounding and Tiebreakers:

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League Scoring
Read scoring rules applicable to this game mode.

Scoring for Offensive Skill Players
Passing TDs +6 points
Rushing/Receiving TDs +6 points
Passing/Rushing/Receiving 2 Point Conversions +2 points
Scoring for Kickers
Field Goal Made (any length) +3 points
Extra Point Made +1 point
Scoring for Defense and Special Teams
Safeties +2 points
Defensive and Special Teams TDs +6 points