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About Sir Football

Exclusive Fantasy Football Game Modes

Sir Football is an exhilarating way to play and compete. By using head-to-head league play with gaming aesthetics, we elevate the entertainment value of fantasy football. Immerse yourself in new mechanics that add enthusiasm for your teams. Our game modes bring about the same sense of variety you'd feel when entering a giant pinball arcade.

Sir Football is a safe haven for anyone tiring of complex league customizations that require too much time and energy. Our game modes are locked in and ready to go. Get right down to business and enjoy your team.

Never worry about cash deposits or a game mode you want to play not being available in your area. Sir Football is an entertainment platform with no link to sports betting. Our passion is classic fantasy football. Sir Football is a love letter to gaming and fantasy sports. We're dedicated to providing fun gameplay that takes fantasy football into new arenas.

What inspired Sir Football? A silly daydream wondering what it'd be like to combine blackjack mechanics with fantasy football. That idea led to the Double Down game mode. We then designed many more exclusive game modes, with more to come in the future!

Sir Football has crossover appeal and is well-suited for newcomers who want to dabble with fantasy football and learn as they go. A first-time fantasy owner can claim a team in mid-season and fake it until they make it. We believe this "pick up and play" approach is important to introducing new people to the genre since throwing a novice head-first into a fantasy draft can be overwhelming. That said, if you know the ropes and do want to draft, our draft tools and interface are among the best in the business.

Win or lose, we want to add value to the fantasy football universe. We hope to create experiences that you'll treasure amid the always-wild turns of the NFL season.

Sir Football is independently developed and needs your support to thrive. Join the fantasy renaissance that's creating a major buzz. Don't miss out!

About Our Mission

Many providers in the fantasy football space seem to be league-focused. They fixate on the tools they can provide for established fantasy league commissioners. Others take a player-focused approach that emphasizes an individual's ability to win in a hyper-competitive environment often involving gambling.

Sir Football is different. We seek to build a grassroots community that will ride shotgun with us as we begin this journey. Fantasy owners' voices will be heard on our social media channels. The biggest misstep is becoming deaf to fantasy owners' feedback. We ask for your input as we chart the long-term direction of Sir Football.

With our emphasis on gambling-free fantasy entertainment, we're also a great place for minors to learn about and play fantasy football. We feel it's important to keep fantasy football age-appropriate and set the right tone for young fantasy owners.

About Our Vision

We seek to become the world's first and only fantasy football game development company. We're here to try out new game concepts and see which ones really takes off. The fantasy football community has been and always will be a fun-loving collection of folks. After all, a lot of fantasy owners also play video games, card games and board games. There's a lot of untapped potential with fantasy football, and we are on a quest to tap it!

If you wish to be a part of our game design process and roadmap of future enhancements, please take a look at our Patreon Guild Membership program.

About Our Founder

"I'm a Gen X kid who grew up playing the Atari 2600 and writing my own games and programs on the Apple II. I also liked to dream about game ideas for the Atari and wrote them out on paper with pens and colored pencils and filled up a large folder of them. Gaming was my passion and escape at an early age before I became enamored with pro sports in my high school and college days."

"My game playing experience broadened in my college years, playing strategy games such as Civilization and Master of Orion. I also had a great time with role playing games, mainly Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant and Betrayal at Krondor. I also loved Castle Wolfenstein and Doom II, even designing my own game levels just for the fun of it. When that wasn't enough, I spammed quarters into the Addams Family pinball on our college campus."

"My childhood dreams of video game development seemed beyond my reach, so in 1996 I began my career as a software developer in the newspaper, commercial web, banking and other industries. In the late 90's, I really fell in love with sports gaming, sinking a lot of time into products such as APBA Baseball for Windows and Front Page Sports Football Pro 96 & 98 while playing in online leagues. I also loved playing offline dynasty in the NCAA Football games of the 02-06 era. And to present day, I've enjoyed scratching my sports simulation itch with the great Out of the Park Baseball games."

"My fantasy football career started on AOL in the mid 90's playing in Grandstand Leagues. I continued to play fantasy football and some fantasy baseball in various leagues on ESPN, Yahoo and NFL. The Fantasy Insights website and the Fantasy Football Pro Forecast magazine were my bread and butter for staying current on fantasy news."

"In my professional career in the late 2000's, I also worked briefly as a contractor on the short-lived SportsGeek DFS product. In the 2010's I messed around with a few small programming efforts, like constructing my own BCS formula. But I never got serious about these sports-related projects."

"That all changed in the summer of 2023, when I decided to shoot my shot and do something unique in the world of fantasy football. What followed was 10 rewarding months of fervent development of Sir Football where I leaned hard into my old gaming influences."

"I hope that what I've developed will bring a new sense of entertainment to the well-established hobby of fantasy football, and perhaps inspire others to try new things with fantasy sports. I feel there's still a lot left to be ventured into."
-- Mike Neugebauer, Founder

About Our Gratitude

Sir Football is developed and operated under the business name Didcat. If you are interested in advertising or partnership with Sir Football or have other inquiries, please contact us via email or DM us on social media (@PlaySirFootball).

Many Robo Team names are used courtesy of the great Brewster Baseball Association (BBA), one of the world's best simulation baseball leagues!

All player information and statistics are provided by Tank01.

There are many people to thank for their patience and encouragement during the development of Sir Football. Their support means such a great deal. Many close friends and family, as well as comrades from the sports gaming world, have been invaluable. I owe the most to my father, who bought me the Apple II and encouraged my efforts as a programmer and creator.

Inspiration comes in many forms, but in particular I'd like to thank the 'old school' console and video game developers of the 80's and early 90's who worked ungodly hours and often almost entirely alone in order to see their game idea come to fruition. Back in the day, game development was not about AAA studios with bloated budgets but these much smaller teams who created the eventual landscape of gaming that we know today. It was that passion and creative drive that I observed and still aspire to.