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A Sir Football Mini-Game

Answer 9 questions during each NFL week!

Compete for community bragging rights!

How It Works

Side Quests is an enjoyable mini-game that puts your gut instincts to the test. Compete with other Sir Football community members and be the one who best foretold this week's slate of games.

Login and visit your Locker Room each week. Then answer the 9 questions shown in the Side Quests area.


The successful answers you complete each week are tallied and added to your season total. This total is shown in top right panel below your username beside the sword.

Why play Side Quests? For major bragging rights! The current Season Leader and Weekly Leader are displayed prominently on the Sir Football home page.

Tiebreakers and quest scoring detail: For Magic Numbers, a user is awarded 0.33 for one correct number, 0.66 for two correct numbers and 1.0 for three correct numbers. For leaderboard purposes, if two or more players are tied, the user who has the most seniority (has been signed up for Sir Football the longest) is displayed as the winner. All Side Quests selections will be locked just prior to the kickoff of the first NFL game of the week (usually Thursday night).